The work wear edit

Shopping for work wear is something you always try to avoid. The cost of a new pair of shoes for work is something you don’t enjoy spending your money on. Well Bond Street Shoe Company are a champion in the perfect work wear shoe. Offering affordable prices for a stylish look. The launch of our new loafers’ range is something you cannot miss which is available online and instore! Incorporating this seasons trend of prints in a loafer or keeping it classy with a simple elegant bow detail. Patent loafers help to keep your outfit smart and

appropriate for a work wear must. The stress of trying on with all your bags, kids running off it just doesn’t sound enjoyable, how about if I tell you we have the perfect work loafers you can simply order straight to your home. No stress, no hassle and the perfect fitting loafer. Simple, right? Well what are you waiting for. The best part is you no longer have to spend an outrageous amount to achieve a smart work look, all loafers are £15! You had to re-read that to check you read it
right didn’t you? £15!

Black loafers are an easy slip-on style shoe that coordinate with pretty much all your wardrobe. However, don’t think we forgot about the rest of your wardrobe colour palette we also have burgundy, grey, bronze and blue available. It’s important to allow yourself to have options. No more frantically running around early morning finding shoes to match, Bond Street has lifted that one stress away. Burgundy is a perfect work wear colour it shows sophistication and someone who takes pride in their appearance that is the confidence you need whilst attending that meeting. Opting for navy it’s a transitional colour to the seasons, so a shoe you can wear all year round so grab a pair before they’re gone!

For £15 you must be imagining a plain loafer, but we weren’t lying when we said stylish, most loafers consist of beautiful detailing to top your look off. Detailing on the loafer can range from a cool studded look or a front tassel. Whatever look you want to achieve we will be sure to have your style. Check the Work Edit out now!