A wardrobe refresh

 Ever feel your shoe game is lacking? Looking around everything is dull, and no pair of shoes give you that genuine joy you felt in the shop before you bought them! That means one thing.. REFRESH!

I know what you’re already thinking … a refresh means a lot of money, right? Well you got that wrong when you head to Bond Street you can pick up a pair of shoes for £15! Whether that be the same shoe in different colours or mix and match to explode your wardrobe with newness!

 The excitement is real now! New styles drop every week so you’ll be sure to get the next must have pair. Ranging from Loafers, Trainers, heels, sandals, boots and kids! There will sure to be the perfect pair for you or the perfect 10 pairs! I mean what’s better than kicking your feet up admiring the newness your feet deserve every day with a stylish look. So now I’ll answer all your questions on where to begin for a shoe refresh:


  1. Start with an easy comfortable pair that you know will be a day to day go to TRAINERS:

Having a pair of trainers is a must in your ‘shoedrobe’ – did you see what we did! Anyway, It’s a pair of shoes you can put on for a comfy look and to get about with day to day, easy to match with any look a simple pair of jeans a jogger or some leggings the list is endless! Bond Street offer a large collection of trainers in a vary of colours (Red, white, Black, pink, grey, peach, multicoloured, black, beige, glitter, shall I carry on) which are all on-trend and ensures you set the shoe game standards.

2. The boot

As we know being in the UK it isn’t always sunny, well never. Apart from that one week in summer we all come alive when the sun comes out other than that the rest of the days are miserable. Which means a boot is an essential in your shoerobe. A boot from Bond Street is a perfect edition to keep your feet warm dry and chic. opt for a tasteful look in our chunky plain black lace up boots, available now:


3. The Loafer

A loafer is a work wear must but a versatile piece to swap to those special days out! A slip-on style shoe which gives an effortless look. The best part of a loafer is a low heel offering a comfortable fit but still remaining sophisticated. How to wear a loafer can be casual or dress shoes. Check out our range below:

 4. The perfect heel

Now you’ve accomplished the shoedrobe essentials it’s time to indulge in the perfect pair for date nights, those cocktails with friends look. So, to achieve and excel a beautiful elegant look start with Bond Street simple court heels, for a more confident look opt for a patent pair or play it down with microfibre.

Ok, now were going to up the game. Delve into this year’s print trend and get these shows stopping Leopard print court heels. Spark that joy again with this perfect pair, you’ll be sure to turn heads and be on top of the fashion game with this flawless pair.



5. Holiday Time: Sandals/sliders!

We don’t just stop there at Bond Street we know you need the picture-perfect pair of sandals for holidays. That’s why we bring you the flowery sliders. Summers all about fun and being playful which essentially can be translated through your shoes!

The perfect guide to a shoerobe fix get a fashion forward look in every pair, on trend and affordable -Only at Bond Street Shoes!