Bond Street W1 Store is all about impeccable taste and that's all thanks to our owner, senior buyer and fashion co-ordinator Ann Marie. She's the lovely hands-on lady in many of the videos and clothing photographs. 

From day-one at Bond Street W1 Store Ann Marie has been determined to bring you the very best in fabulous ladies fashion and footwear from the UK and Europe. High quality products that you're unlikely to ever see on anyone else's websites. She's superbly qualified to do this too having been in the fashion business for over thirty years. 

In that time Ann Marie has worked with some of the world's biggest retailers and brands bringing her unique awareness of fashion trends backed by an experienced eye for the kinds of detail in style and construction that simply lift one product way above another. And of course, always seeking out garments and footwear that truly represent great value for money. Everything that her legions of devoted Bond Street W1 customers have come to expect and are truly passionate about. To see what they say about us check out the hundreds of five-star reviews here.

First class customer facing service is what you'll always get from Ann Marie and her team. She's had so many years practice in fashion retailing and wholesaling that it's become second nature and now as head of the family business she ensures that it continues to play a big part in our day to day operations. As she says, we're always just one phone call away. Whatever you choose from the Bond Street W1 Store we're confident that it's going to look pretty great and also add something rather special to your wardrobe.

Ann Marie also heads up the Armstrong family owned Bond Street Wholesale fashion business which is housed in our newly built headquarters and warehouse in the heart of central Manchester's wholesale fashion district. www.bondstreetwholesale.co.uk