Colour palette of the year:

Want versatile shoes that will enable you to be trendy throughout the year?

This is bond streets colour palette that can be applied to all seasons. Picking the right colour can be tough but with this colour guideline it’ll be sure to be helpful when you next purchase the perfect pair.




If you opt for a more nude minimal colour we have loafers, heels, trainers and sandals to choose from. This is a transitory seasonal colour that’s deemed fashionable for the trend of the year. Light colours are soft and balance out an outfit in contrast to our other colour palette which features more bolder colours.



The burgundy to navy to black helps to create a bold look throughout the year. It’s an easy go to colour to match almost everything with, so you won’t have the worry if the outfits not going to match. Darker colours are associated with elegance and that’s sure a look that you’ll achieve with the burgundy style loafers. Stay feminine with the black court heels giving you a formal sophisticated appearance. Or go glam and glitz with the navy-blue glitter pumps!



A style and colour to suit everyone at Bond Street Shoe Company.