The perfect shoe with a bit of texture..

You might be thinking why do I need texture in my shoe? it will all become clear. 

So fashion fanatics have been going crazy for a plaited shoe or woven look and we dont blame them. Adding texture in to your outfit not only looks impressively fashionable it helps to give an effortlessly chic look. This summer its all about the textured shoe, draw attention to that summer pair is exactly what needs to be done. There is lots of new unique designs new in at Bond Street Shoe Company which are online now (have you checked them out yet?) and will tell you our favourite which are the perfect textured piece that you need for this summer!


First, we have the plaited black and white wedge YB01-Black. Taking texture to  whole new level this will sure achieve the look this summer everyone is following.

With the wedge holding all the detail of white and black plaited together to give a patterned effective look. The front strap which is plain black helping to tie the whole look and texture together for a showstopper wedge. 

The flatform offers the perfect amount of texture to delve in to the trend. White straps for a simple look to be versatile for any outfit, then the detail lies in the platform. Woven plaited beige material which alternatively goes to silver. Wow we don't know who isn't obsessing over this pair this summer. That is the reason why they have been our best sellers. 

Step up the texture level with the diamante silver sandals. This will certainly bring your outfit alive, drawing all the attention to the detail of the front strap on the shoe. So you'll never have to worry about a lifeless outfit - this is the answer.

We know texture for sure is going to be the summer shoe winners this year, so dont miss out and get yours today- 99P SHIPPING! Take advantage now before it goes.

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