Bond Street W1 Footwear

We've been looking forward to getting our hands on (and and our feet into) our fabulous new Bond Street W1 collection of summer sandals and sliders and now the sun's here there's no excuse. This season's sandals are all about the 90s strappy look with chunky wedges and a bit of Ibiza chic mixed in for good measure. As with the influential big name designer brands it's also about bright sunshiny colours combined with comfort and practicality, as well as a little bit of extra height. Our advice: buy yours early and wear them all the way through until the end of September. 
Our collection features wide comfort fittings, soft faux leather linings, spongy extra comfort inner soles and practical lightweight construction. Here's three of our best sellers...
1 We think that the sandal that fits this season's look exactly is our Black Rope Azec Wedge (£31.99). They have all of the on-trend features to ensure that they will work with virtually any summer outfit from washed out shorty dungarees and pedal pushers to floaty summer dresses and skirts. Stylish, comfortable and practical – everything your feet will need on a lovely summer's day. 
2 If your approach is more casual then a pair of our, and I use the word advisedly, funky (OK I said it) sliders are going to suit you down to the ground. This summer's must have slip-on is an over the top cocktail of vibrant detail and the all-imprtant extra height. We've got loads of them but sadly you're unlikely to be wearing them to work because when you wear any of these work will absolutely be the last thing on your mind. My current favourite is our best selling Gold Metallic Bow Platform Sliders (£22.99), but that could easily change! For me they're the epitome of fun times and sunny summer chic. 
3 I'm one of the lucky people who'll be heading to a friend's wedding next month and naturally we'll probably be spending most of our time outdoors, so I expect it will be a bit like a bit of a garden party. So what to wear? A summer dress obviously, but what about the shoes? High heels are definitely out on the soft ground and they'll also need to be summery, something smart but a bit casual. Something I'll want to wear again. Our best selling White Crossed Mini Wedge (£25.99) could be exactly what I'm looking for. They've got the height that I need, plus a bit of celebratory glitz for the wedding as well as being both fashionable and practical – I love the obvious tread on the white sole, and being predominantly white with neutral detailing I'll be able to wear them virtually all summer long with whatever I fancy. 
There's a lot more on offer from Bond Street W1 so why not pick your favourites. By the way, apparently there's a heatwave heading our way from Spain (well, if we can't head to Spain then Spain can come to us) so let's make sure our feet are all good to go. 
Written by Gabriella Armstrong, Senior Buyer