We bring to you back to school style! There's no need to worry/ stress over finding your kids school shoes!

Thats why Bond Street shoes have teamed up with your little ones to bring you the back to school campaign, we thought it was essential to offer you this collection this year!

We have so many styles to choose from so your only problem this year is going to be which ones to pick. No need to be frantically running around the shops last minute to find the perfect fit/ style and comfort we have it all. Matte style vs patent you decide. 

One thing on why its so important we did this, this year is finding a shoe for school can be expensive BUT it doesn't have to be we offer kids school shoes at £15 - YES you read it right! At that price we've answered all your worries for getting the kids back to school.

Oh and it doesn't stop there.. we have matching styles in adult sizes so whether you need them for back to work or a sibling can match. The adult sizes are inly £20!