5 Things We All Do... Every Christmas!

Every single year we all make the same mistakes, forgetting people, buying things we don't need, getting hyped as soon as Halloween is over... we probably should start dealing with Christmas better, but who could blame us?

Those Last Minute Presents For The Cousins We Forgot About:

We're all guilty of it! Hands up, who's managed to forget about a cousin, or an uncle, a day or two before Christmas? They always end up with chocolate, or socks, or something generic from Boots. They'll smile and you'll pretend you bought it weeks in advance... but we all know you didn't!

Buying A New Set Of Pyjamas For Christmas Eve:

Christmas Eve is just a night, same as every other night, we sleep in the same bed, in the same position - yet without fail, every year, we can't help ourselves but buy new pyjamas for the 'big day'. Why do we do that?

Use Next Day Delivery Because We Left It Too Late:

Somehow we never learn, we always end up leaving our shopping, whether online or on the high street, til the last minute. We have no time to shop, let alone pack, so most years we all find ourselves forking out for Next Day Delivery. Sometimes the delivery costs more than the present! Insane.

Buy 3 Things For Yourself And Nothing For Anyone Else On Your Christmas Shopping Trip:

You're spending money like it's rainwater, so why not splash some cash on yourself. You end up browsing things you'd like more than the friend you're supposed to be buying for, and you even end up convincing yourself that what you've got is '100% a present' but then use it yourself before the 25th.

Eat Forrero Rochers and Drink Bailey's Like It's Going Out Of Fashion:

We never drink Bailey's throughout the year like we do at Christmas, and shops barely stock Forrero Rochers unless it's December, but for some reason we all become complete 'choco' and alcoholics when it comes to Christmas. Someone ends up with one or the other as a gift, and everyone wants a sip or a bite!